Perfectly happy with no wishes? No? Good!

Because this year G&P has prepared a couple of ready-made wish lists with great wishes and sung by some fantastic real choirs. Yeah!

It works like this: simply choose a wish and a choir from the videos, enter addressee and sender and send. Voilà!

And then do it again as it's so simple. Because the more wishes you send the more will come true.

My wish: luxury.

sample image

My wish: no car drive.

sample image

My wish: cash.

sample image

My wish: a trip.

sample image

My wish: wicked shit.

sample image

With tears in our eyes we blubber out a quiet “thank you” for our awesome choirs: Bergedorfer Liedertafel von 1838 R.V. // Polizei-Chor Hamburg von 1901 e.V. // Sol Latino // Elke Winter, Sarah Barelly and Fräulein Luise

Ho-ho-ho to-placeholder

brace yourself. And turn up the volume. Here’s my Christmas wish from you.

Merry Christmas,